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Renovating Windfarm Operations

A Success Story of Streamlining Contractor Mobility,
Management, and Contract Standardization

Our client is a global leader in sustainable energy solutions, their 29,000 employees help to create a better world by designing,
manufacturing, installing, developing, and servicing wind energy and hybrid projects all over the world.

With +169 GW of wind turbines installed in 88 countries, their sustainable energy solutions have already prevented 1.5 billion tonnes³ of
CO₂ being emitted into the atmosphere and contributed to a more sustainable energy system.

They have more than 40 years of experience in wind energy and were the first company to reach the 100 GW landmarks for both the
installation and service of wind turbines.
However, our client grappled with challenges threatening their operational efficiency and growth prospects.

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The Challenge


 Mobility, Engagement, and Management of Non-Employee Workers


Standardization of
Contractor Contracts


 Compliance with
New Market Requirements

The company was struggling to manage its pool of non-employee workers effectively. This included difficulties in tracking work progress, ensuring proper engagement, and providing necessary resources for these workers to perform their tasks efficiently. Their existing system did not offer sufficient mobility for these workers, further hindering their productivity.

The company worked with contractors who were under a range of different contract types. This lack of standardization led to inconsistent terms and conditions, payment structures, and other contractual obligations. This not only confused but also posed significant administrative challenges for the company.

As they expanded their services to new markets, the company was required to comply with a diverse set of regulations and standards. This proved challenging, especially when they had to send teams to service these new markets. The company found navigating these new market
requirements difficult and ensuring their operations remained compliant.

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The Solution

To address the challenges faced by our client, ERA Staffing Solutions proposed a comprehensive
and strategic approach. Below are the key solutions we provided:

🦆 Icon Box TickComprehensive Insurance Coverage for Contractors

We ensured all contractors were covered with professional indemnity, public liability, and workers compensation insurance. This not only safeguarded the interests of the contractors but also protected the company from potential legal and financial risks.

🦆 Icon Box TickRegular Contractor Reassessments

Understanding the dynamic nature of legislation, we undertook frequent reassessments of contractor agreements. This proactive approach allowed us to promptly adjust contract terms in response to legislation changes, ensuring continuous compliance.

🦆 Icon Box TickPayroll Tax Remittance Evaluation

We determined whether payroll tax remittance was required for each contractor, helping the company avoid non-compliance penalties and ensuring accurate financial reporting.

🦆 Icon Box TickTimely Contract Extensions or Cancellations

By managing contract timelines efficiently, we assured on-time contract extensions or cancellations, eliminating potential service disruptions.

🦆 Icon Box TickStreamlining Contractor Management

We helped the company realize cost savings and process improvements by streamlining their contractor management processes. By optimizing workflows and reducing redundancies, we enhanced overall operational efficiency.

Contractor Benefits 

In addition to these solutions, we also offered unique benefits to the contractors. Each contractor was given access to a one-on-one meeting with a professional tax advisor or accountant.
These meetings allowed contractors to discuss tax difficulties, superannuation, investments, and wealth creation. This added value to the contractors’ experience and fostered a sense of support and trust between them and the company.

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The Results

The collaboration between the ERA team and our client’s Project Manager yielded significant results. Our comprehensive approach addressed all aspects of project management, from resource requirements and communications to staff training and change management.

Our collaboration with the client resulted in streamlined operations, improved decision-making, and a highly motivated and productive workforce. We are proud to have played a part in our client’s journey towards becoming a global leader in sustainable energy solutions.

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Milestone Identification

Together, we identified critical milestones and timelines for various projects. This ensured a clear roadmap was in place, which significantly improved project execution and helped avoid any potential delays or bottlenecks.

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Continuous Model Evolution

Our commitment to continuous improvement led us to launch several new projects as part of the model evolution. The focus was on providing clients with more insights to help them make informed decisions about their contingent workforce. This strategic approach has been instrumental in driving growth and success for our client.

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Improved Reporting

We introduced enhanced reporting methods that provided a clear overview of spending, trends, KPIs, and budget analysis. This data-driven approach enabled our client to make smart financial decisions and optimize their budget allocation.

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Cost-effective Contractor Engagement

We evaluated whether long-term contractors could be more cost-effectively engaged by offering them permanent employment or extending their contracts sooner with greater remuneration. This not only resulted in significant cost savings for our client but also increased job satisfaction among contractors.

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Smooth Contractor Management

Our efficient contractor engagement and management processes resulted in higher performance and output from contract workers. This also led to a motivated workforce, significantly contributing to the overall productivity and success of the company.