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Hr Compliance

What Is HR Compliance? Checklist, Guide & Best Practices In 2024

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Key Takeaways HR compliance meaning refers to ensuring that workplace rules align with city, state, province, country, and even global labor laws and any industry-specific regulations. As an HR professional,…
Freelancer Payment

Independent Contractor & Freelancer Payment: Notices To Be Aware of In 2024

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Key Takeaways: Independent contractor or freelancer payment is a freelancer's compensation for their work, often through various methods like hourly rates, project fees, or retainers. The best freelancer payment methods…
Future Of Hr

The Future of HR: Anticipating Trends for FTE & Contingent Workforce Managers

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Key Takeaways In 2023, the US Human Resources market reached a value of $93.8 billion and experienced a 4.9% CAGR in HR consulting. The future of HR focuses on leveraging…
international peo

What Is An International PEO? Signs You Need A Global PEO

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Key Takeaways: An international PEO, also known as a global PEO or Global Employer of Record (EOR), is a company hired by other companies to manage the hiring of employees…
contractor engineer

How To Become A Contractor Engineer? 2024 Explained

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Key Takeaways: A contractor engineer is a specialist who oversees engineering projects and ensures the fairness of contracts between clients and engineers. To become an engineering contractor, you must earn…
third party contractor

What Is A Third-Party Contractor? Definition And Significance

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Key Takeaways A third-party contractor is an external entity hired to perform tasks for another party (not directly involved in the primary transaction). There are three types of third-party contractors:…
IR35 contractors

What Is An IR35 Contractor? (Expert Explanation for SMBs)

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Key Takeaways An IR35 contractor is a self-employed worker in the UK whose working conditions resemble an employee's, leading to potential tax implications. Inside IR35 means the contractor is considered…
contractor outsourcing

Outsourcing vs Contracting: Understanding the Key Differences

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Key Takeaways Outsourcing involves delegating entire business functions or departments to outside companies to reduce costs and access specialized expertise. Contracting involves hiring external contractors classified as employed or self-employed…
contractor onboarding

How To Streamline Contractor Onboarding’s Process In 2024

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Working with employed or independent contractors allows your business to attract more talent. However, 30% of workers leave their jobs within the first 90 days, making a streamlined contractor onboarding…
how to pay international contractors

How To Pay International Contractors: EOR’S Expert Guide

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Overseas independent contractors are a crucial aspect of global business expansion. However, managing their payroll includes complex compliance requirements. In this article, our EOR & AOR experts reveal how to…
if i work remotely where do i pay taxes

HR Expert Answered: If I Work Remotely Where Do I Pay Taxes?

| For Employees | No Comments
Are you a web developer, graphic designer, or professional contractor in general who has embraced the remote work lifestyle? The freedom to work from anywhere is fantastic, but tax season…
state tax reciprocity agreements

State Tax Reciprocity Agreements: Everything W2 Employees You Need to Know In 2024

| For Employees | No Comments
As a W2 employed full-time or contract worker living and working in different states,   you will be responsible for your own tax filing. You should investigate which state will…
contractor leads

Top 10 Contractor Leads Websites You Shouldn’t Miss In 2024

| For Employees | No Comments
In 2024, the Internet remains crucial for connecting contractors with potential clients. But with so many Home Improvement contractor leads websites available, which one should you choose? ERA has compiled…
self employed proof of income

Self-Employed Proof Of Income: A Complete Guide For Employee

| For Employees | No Comments
You need proof of income to rent a house, get a credit card, or secure a loan. However, verifying your income is more challenging when you are a self-employed worker.…
1099 vs llc

5 Key Differences Between 1099 and LLC: Everything You Need To Know

| For Employees | No Comments
Many people face a difficult choice when starting their own business: becoming an independent contractor or forming a Limited Liability Company (LLC). Which one is better? Let's compare 1099 vs.…
self employed tax deductions

13 Common Self-Employed Tax Deductions You Should Know

| For Employees | No Comments
As a self-employed worker, you may overpay taxes annually because you are unaware of what taxes you pay or can deduct. Our ERA guide on 13 self-employed tax deductions may…
form 1096

How To Fill Form 1096: Step By Step Guide For Employers

| For Employees | No Comments
Tax forms can be confusing, especially for small employers. One such form is IRS Form 1096.  So, what is a 1096 tax form? Our ERA expert will make Form 1096…
contractor management

What Is Contractor Management? Your HR Guide In 2024

| For Employees | No Comments
You are hiring contractors but want to enhance your management strategy for better working relationships? Partnering with contractor management is the best solution for you. In this article, the ERA…
independent contractor vs sole proprietor

Understand the Differences: Independent Contractor vs Sole Proprietor

| For Employees | No Comments
Self-employed individuals can be divided into two main categories: independent contractor vs sole proprietor. A sole proprietor is a one-person business without registering a formal business entity such as an…
contractor workers compensation

Understanding Contractor Workers’ Compensation: Rights and Obligations

| For Employees | No Comments
Are you a contractor worried about what happens if you get hurt while working? Many contractors face this concern, unsure about their financial security in case of injury that occurred…
1098 vs 1099

1098 vs 1099: Which Form Should You Receive and Why?

| For Employees | No Comments
When it comes to taxes, there are many forms to keep track of, including the 1098 and 1099. These forms serve different purposes and work for different income types. Let's…
1099 vs 1040

1099 vs. 1040: Key Differences Every Taxpayer Should Know

| For Employees | No Comments
Understanding the different tax forms and knowing which ones to use to organize and report your financial information is crucial. This article compares two common forms, 1099 vs. 1040, which…
1099 Nec Vs 1099 Misc

Navigating Tax Forms: 1099-NEC vs 1099-MISC Explained

| For Employees | No Comments
Starting in 2020, there is a new tax form for reporting non-employee compensation (NEC) payments to independent contractors. This form is called Form 1099-NEC. The IRS redesigned Form 1099-MISC for…
Eor Companies

9 Best EOR Companies To Ensure Compliance and Contractor Experience

| For Employees | No Comments
When engaging employed contract workers in 2024, picking the appropriate Employer of  Record company is essential. The Global Employer of Record Platform market was valued at US$ 4299.1 million in…
freelance vs consultant

Freelance vs Consultant: What Are The Differences?

| For Employees | No Comments
Have you ever wondered about the role of freelance vs consultant and how they provide services for their clients? Let us explain briefly. A consultant evaluates clients' needs and provides…
vendor vs contractor

Difference Between Vendor vs Contractor: What Should Employers Know?

| For Employees | No Comments
In business, vendor vs contractor are often used interchangeably, but in fact, they are different. This leads to confusion when distinguishing each role and responsibilities. So, what is the difference…
consultant vs contractor

Consultant vs Contractor: 4 Fundamental Differences

| For Employees | No Comments
The terms consultant vs independent contractor are often interchanged, but in fact, they are different. Consultants are experts who evaluate their client's needs and develop insightful advice for any difficulties…
⁠contractor vs subcontractor

Contractor vs Subcontractor: How To Differentiate?

| For Employees | No Comments
Suppose you're hiring independent contractors for specific projects. In that case, be aware that they are self-employed workers with completely different job responsibilities, especially between contractor vs subcontractor.  No worries.…
⁠independent contractor agreement

Independent Contractor Agreement: Definition & Must-have Clauses

| For Employees | No Comments
Are you considering hiring an independent contractor or freelancer for specific projects or tasks, such as photography or designing posters for an upcoming company event? Regardless of your employment status,…
contractor compliance

What Is Contractor Compliance? Your In-depth HR Management Guide

| For Employees | No Comments
Many hiring managers face challenges when working with freelancers and contractors, such as control of meeting deadlines and planning projects. However, one aspect of freelancer engagements often goes undiscussed—making sure…
best independent contractor jobs

9 Best Independent Contractor Jobs For A Flexible Work Lifestyle 2024

| For Employees | No Comments
Independent contractor jobs are a flexible and well-suited option for individuals seeking a more dynamic work lifestyle. In 2022, there are an estimated 31.9 million independent contractors in the U.S.,…
freelancer vs contractor

Freelancer vs Contractor: Understanding The Key Differences

| For Employees | No Comments
In recent years, freelancers and self-employed contractors have become some of the most popular job positions among the younger generation. As of 2024, Upwork had over 18 million registered freelancers,…
freelance vs self employed

Freelance vs Self-Employed: A Comprehensive Comparison By Experts

| For Employees | No Comments
Many think "freelance" and "self-employed" are interchangeable without knowing they still have notable differences. Although both involve working independently, these two jobs still differ in customer base, nature of work,…
Contingent Worker Meaning

What Is Contingent Worker Meaning? In-Depth Explanation by HR Expert

| For Employees | No Comments
In this booming digital and exchange world, contingent workers are utilized by companies as a solution for project and fixed term assignments. In this guide, with insights from HR experts,…
What Is Corp To Corp

What Is Corp-to-Corp? Expert Guide About C2C Contractors

| For Employees | No Comments
Corp to Corp (C2C) implies that another business will pay an LLC or corporation for your services instead of paying a person. However, failing to understand what is corp to…
what is a 1099

What Is A 1099? 5 Facts An Independent Contractor Must Know

| For Employees | No Comments
If you are an independent contractor in the U.S., you must know your local tax duties and the required documents, including 1099 tax forms. But what is a 1099 exactly?…
Difference Between 1099 And W2

Difference Between 1099 and W2: What Should Employers Know?

| For Employees | No Comments
When staffing your business, you have many options for bringing on talent. The two most common types of work arrangements are W-2 and 1099 Independent contractor workers. Wages and other…
Employer Of Record Benefits

5 Best Employer Of Record Benefits Company Should Know (Expert Shared)

| For Employees | No Comments
As companies expand globally, many use Employer of Record (EOR) services to make business operations smoother. An EOR acts like the official employer, dealing with compliance, employer of record payroll…
what is payroll - ERA

What Is Payroll? The Complete Guide To Calculate Payroll Taxes

| For Employees, For Employers | No Comments
Payroll refers to the process of paying money for employees for a set period or on a given date. A company's accounting or human resources department is usually in charge…
how to correct employee misclassification - ERA

How To Correct Employee Misclassification? Employee Vs. Contractor

| For Employers | No Comments
Classifying workers as independent contractors instead of employees brings many benefits to employers, especially in terms of saving money. However, the misclassification might lead them to face serious consequences such…
how much do contractors cost - ERA

How Much Do Contractors Cost? 5 Factors For General Contractor Rate

| For Employers | No Comments
Reducing costs and increasing workforce quality is crucial in any type of business's strategic plan. Hiring a contractor is an excellent way to save money while streamlining operations. If you…
What Is A General Contractor Era

What Is A General Contractor? 7 General Contractor Duties

| For Employees, For Employers | No Comments
“What Is A General Contractor?” is easy to understand. A construction industry general contractor oversees construction projects and ensures their safe, on-time, and compliant completion for property owners. Property owners…
how much taxes does an independent contractor pay - ERA

How Much Do Independent Contractors Pay In Taxes? (Vietnam Market)

| For Employees | No Comments
Do you know "How much do independent contractors pay in taxes?" As an independent contractor in Vietnam, you must understand your tax obligations, including the self-employment tax rate of 20%.…
employee relocations - ERA

What Is Employee Relocation? 4 Benefits of Vietnam Relocation

| For Employees | No Comments
”Employee relocation” is a popular term in large corporations that have expanded their business to other locations. In this article, we will learn about employee relocation definitions, 3 types of…
how much do companies pay for relocation - ERA

How Much Do Companies Pay For Relocation? (2023 Updated)

| For Employers | No Comments
Relocation can be a considerable expense for both employees and companies, but have you known how much companies pay for relocation? This is a question that many people have when…
how long is a passport good for - ERA

How Long Is A Passport Good For? 6 Necessities For Vietnam Work Permit

| For Employees | No Comments
Are you planning to travel internationally or work in Vietnam? It doesn't matter if you're going on vacation or a business trip, you still need a tourist visa or work…
what is work visa - ERA

What Is A Work Visa? 5 Steps To Apply for Vietnam Work Visa

| For Employees | No Comments
If you are considering career opportunities abroad, you may know about the term “work visa”. In this article, you will explore “What is a work visa?”, the types of work…
How To Pay Taxes For Independent Contractors - ERA

How To Pay Taxes For Independent Contractors In Vietnam?

| For Employers | No Comments
Have you known how to pay taxes for independent contractors yet? Independent contractors may be an excellent method to swiftly scale up your operations by leveraging exceptional skills. However, many…
Contractor Versus Employee

Independent Contractor vs. Employee: What’s The Difference

| For Employers | No Comments
The critical difference between employee and independent contractor is that the employee works in the company and conducts their work as a representation of the company. In contrast, the independent…
how to file taxes as an independent contractor - ERA

How To File Taxes As An Independent Contractor? A Vietnamese Tax Guide

| For Employees | No Comments
An independent contractor is someone who performs tasks for a business but has control over the process of accomplishing those tasks. The government must file additional documents to avoid any…
how to pay international employees - ERA

How To Pay International Employees: All Employers Need To Know

| For Employers | No Comments
“How to pay international employees quickly, cost-saving, and legally” is a popular question when a company starts a broad global business. You should decide on five factors: hiring, employee working…
what is a payroll provider - ERA

What Is A Payroll Provider? A Complete Guide To Pick Payroll Services

| For Employees | No Comments
Payroll services have become a trend nowadays, not only around the world but also in Vietnam as well. Working with a payroll provider is the best way to help you…
What Is An EOR? (In-depth Explained) - ERA

What Is An EOR? Employer of Record Pros & Cons

| For Employees, For Employers | No Comments
Nowadays, boundaries between nations are no longer a hindrance for any businesses looking to grow internationally. Many organizations, such as Employer of Record, were founded to facilitate this expansion. Firms…
what is immigration - ERA

What Is Immigration? 5 Tips For Immigration Issues In Global Mobility

| For Employees, For Employers | No Comments
Immigration refers to the movement of people from one country to another for permanent residency. Global immigration profoundly affects international mobility. Moreover, it also shapes communities' demographic and cultural makeup…
what is an independent contractor - ERA

What Is An Independent Contractor? Independent Contracting Pros & Cons

| For Employers | No Comments
Working as independent contractors has become a global trend recently. They also gradually proved their power by contributing 1.3 trillion to the US economy in 2021. In Vietnam, freelancers account…
how to hire independent contractors - ERA

How to Hire Independent Contractors? 5 Steps Guide for Your Business

| For Employers | No Comments
How to hire independent contractors? You need to address your demand, have specific plans and processes and follow the local law to maximize the value of this popular type of…
how do you record wages when using a peo - ERA

How Do You Record Wages When Using A PEO (Ultimate Guide)

| For Employers | No Comments
How do you record wages when using a PEO? A PEO keeps track of your employee’s salaries and wages records within a given accounting period. Hiring a PEO equally means…
How to Hire Employees? (Expert Guide) - ERA

How to Hire Employees? A Checklist for Business Owners (Expert Guide)

| For Employers | No Comments
Beyond a shadow of a doubt, recruitment plays a vital role in the development of a business. How to hire employees who are experts and suitable is a long process.…
what are payroll expenses - ERA

What Are Payroll Expenses? Payroll Expense & Cost of Labor Differences

| For Employees, For Employers | No Comments
"What are payroll expenses?" Payroll expenses are the amount of money that a business pays employees in exchange for the work they do for business, including salary and wages expenses…

PEO vs. EOR: Which Is Best For Your Organisation

| For Employers | No Comments
Businesses must collaborate with an employer of record (EOR) or a professional employer organization (PEO) to hire employees globally. Despite their similarities, there are still some differences between PEO vs.…
Feature Image

What Is A Payroll Service? A Payroll Management Guide for Businesses

| For Employers | No Comments
Payroll service or provider is a business that will do all the duties independently for a charge, optimizing the business owner's time to focus on other concerns. Once users set…
How to Start Contractor Business - ERA

How to Start a Contractor Business? 9 Successful Contracting Firm Tips

| For Employers | No Comments
Starting a contracting construction business can be a challenging but rewarding endeavor. As a general contractor business, you will have the opportunity to work on multiple projects, get success, and…
how to become an independent contractor - ERA

How To Become An Independent Contractor? 3 Independent Contractor Tips

| For Employees | No Comments
How to become an independent contractor is a common question for those who want to start working in this type of employment. You will need to complete some tasks before…
what is global mobility - ERA

What Is Global Mobility? Strategies to Build Global Mobility Programs

| For Employers | No Comments
Global Mobility is changing the world of work. It is a term used to describe the ability of a company and its workforce to move and operate and the world…

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